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universal search

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universal search

When you do a lookup, would it be possible to search all fields, instead of specifying to search in the email address or customer name, etc?


Also, when I'm typing info in, sometimes the cursor randomly exits the field I'm typing in.  I have to stop typing, get the cursor back into that field, then start again.


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Re: universal search

Hello GlennJr,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Depending on your version of Sage ACT!, here are 2 options:

- Versions 2011 and earlier, to search all fields of a particular nature (ex: e-mail, address, phone): click Lookup > select Other Fields > scroll to the fields that begin with 'Any ** field'.


- Version 2012 and later: 'Universal Search' feature added, which will search all fields, notes/history, attachments (including contents) for the desired value.


Greg Martin
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Re: universal search

Hi GlennJr


Another way you could achieve what you want if you just want to search data fields and don't need to search all attachments, is to do the following:


Go to the Lookup menu, scroll down to "Advanced" and select "Search on Keywords"


From the "Type" drop down list, choose the table you want to search in, which from what you mentioned sounds like Contacts and choose "All Contacts" from the options below the drop down


Then check/uncheck the relevant elements you want to look in (Activities/Opportunities/Histories etc) but make sure "Fields" is ticked


Enter what you want to find in the "Search For" field at the top and click "Find Now"


All the resulting records will appear at the bottom of the window for you to review


Finally, if you want to filter out just those records that match your search criteria, click "Create Lookup"


At that point you can do what you need to with all those contacts


Good luck!


All the very best