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trying to asses whether act can accomplish what I need done...

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trying to asses whether act can accomplish what I need done...

Hello all;


I am trying to asses whether or not act can do what my company needs done. Initially we were going to use access to create this CRM system that we need and we are starting to think that we might need to move back to it. We basically need a customer database that has products or policies attached to each customer. These products / policies have expiration dates. We would like the CRM system to email out sales dept mailing list 30 to 60 days before the policy/product of any given customer expire. We have installed topline designer to add an additional tab to each customer record and record the relevent information about the products/policies that each customer currently has. Our sales force knows how to add additional products and setup all the valuable fields. One of the fields is the expiration date of the policy/product. However, we have not found a way for the system to email people when those expiration dates are comming up. I was thinking of even a program that would run through the SQL database and send out an email when it is 60 days before the expiration date of any given product? Anyone know of any way that this is possible. We will have to revert back to doing this in access if we cannot find a way to do it within ACT with any add-on or modifications. Thanks allot in advance for your replay.




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Re: trying to asses whether act can accomplish what I need done...

Sorry, I'm not savvy with tech/add-on system solutions for you but I can offer some suggestions for handling the process manually.



With each expiration that you set up, can you set up at the same time an activity to follow it up?

You can set the activity for the person(s) that would do the followup as well as any managers that need to be aware that followup is happening (or not happening).


The email could be stored as a mail merge template and then on the appropriate day the preset Activity reminders pop up, the emails are merged to the appropriate clients and sent out with a history record being created. And you can probably specify for the emails to be sent at a specified time, like after hours.


Also, make sure your date field is set up for consistency. If you've made it a text field instead of a calendar field you'll need to make absolutely certain all the data goes in the same way so the followup dates don't get out of order and missed.



Alternatively, by using the Contact List view, you can sort by expiration, create a look up, say August expirations, and then do an email mail merge, or create a report and email it to your sales dept. that these are the August expirations needing followup.


If the dates are entered consistently in the same manner, it is a breeze to work this way in the Contact List view.

I've used it for tracking insurance and license expirations for subcontractors that I worked with.



Beg pardon if I've missed some point and provided no help to you here. 

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