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troubles synchronization with HTC Diamond pocket PC

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troubles synchronization with HTC Diamond pocket PC

Hi There

we are a two people small company and so not experts in sofwtare and data synchronization !

Anyway we are using ACT! 2010 (version 12) and we are having some trouble to synchronize the database between my labtop and my smartphone (HTC Diamond II.

In fact in the synchronisation center of MS, I selected ACT contacts and uncheck Outlook contacts and all relative data (just checked Act contacts and  Act Activities) but I then got an error message 

I just want to precise that ACT is open, that my databse is also open and working fine (1925 contacts) adn that everyting looks OK.

I have tried to open ACT under Administrator rights (right click then  Open as administrator) but nothing change.


Do you have an idea and can you help me solving this matter please ?


Thanks in advance for your help !!

An error occurred connecting to the specified database. Make sure you can open your database in ACT!, check to make sure you have synchronization access, and then use this configuration application to re-select your database.

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