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time zone for contact

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time zone for contact

Does anyone know of an add-in or a work around to show a contact's current time? or at least UTC +/- time? that would be handy.

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Re: time zone for contact

I can't think of a way to do this in the base version of Act - you could of course create a field that simply contains the customers Timezone, but in terms of displaying the actual current time in that Timezone would probably require an addon. You could check out - maybe you'll find something there?

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Re: time zone for contact

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Here is what I do for Time zone info in my contact record

I go to Google search and in the search window I enter the text

what time is it in

Then I copy ( control C ) the hyper link address

Then I create a Custom Command on my ACT! custom tool bar  ( ACT! / Tools/ Customize / Menus and Tool bars / Custom Commands tab

 Add new command  using that hyperlink I,  Control P to paste my hyper link in the command line, i use the Text (Time?) as a label

 click OK and Add the command to my toolbar


I created a char field called Timezone using a drop down table called TimeZoneTable

Once you add the common time zones into your timezone table, all you need to is select desired time zone

Now, all I do is click on my tool bar button called TIME? and a browser window with a google search opens up

 with the text already in the search window= What time is it in 

   and  all i need to do is fill in the state city name  and click the search button to get time zone results

My screen shot image further paints a good picture of how it works

The arrow pointing left, points to my timezone field and the arrow pointing up, points to my custom command on my toolbar

Sounds complicated but its not

, since I just provided instructions to set it up.

Click on image to view enlarged size



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