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synching ACT! database across servers

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synching ACT! database across servers

My company uses ACT 2000 mainly for scheduling.  We have a main office and several branch offices that connect to the main office via VPN site-to-site tunnels.


Because of the slowness of opening files (including ACT) over the slow internet connections between locations, I have setup mirrored servers at our remote locations.  Once an hour the servers run a program to synch all files between themselves.


However, because the ACT database may be open either at the main office or at one of the remote locations, the database file will not synch. 


Is there a way to synch the ACT database on a schedule even if either the "master" or the "slave" copy might be in use?  We have tried having our remote locations open the main ACT database over the VPN connection and---while it will open--it does it so slowly as to make it unacceptable to use in this manner.


The servers are Windows 2003 servers.



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Re: synching ACT! database across servers

To achieve what you want to achieve you will need to configure synchronisation within ACT itself and it can be scheduled to synchronise on an hourly basis.


I am surprised you have gone this far as copying the files while it is open runs the rish of corrupting the data. I would suggest you contact a local ACT Consultant to assist although you should make sure that you get someone who has worked with ACT2000 rather than just the later version 2005 and above as the process is completly different.

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