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sync role showing up blank, how to change status?

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sync role showing up blank, how to change status?

I am using ACT 2010 on a new computer with windows 7 installed. 


I am trying to set up a remote database but am having issues trying to create a remote database.  I have the same license set up on two computers but am not sure if that is the issue or not here... 


Referred to the help files which instructed me to check my status to see whether I am a publisher or a subscriber for my "sync role"  however on this computer my sync role entry is just blank.  How do I set myself up as publisher?



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Re: sync role showing up blank, how to change status?

Three items to work with here -

1. Do you have a network in place that allows your computers to see each other and share files?  That is necessary for the Act programs to communicate.


2. To synchronize, you must use a 'Remote Database'.  A remote is created from within the main/Publisher database.  Here is a link with instructions for creating a Remote Database:


3. When working with Windows 7 and trying to create a 'Remote Database' you will need to open the program by: right click on ACT! icon and select 'Run As Administrator.


Note: When you create a remote, the status will change automatically in the Publisher database and the Remote will have Subscriber status.

Greg Martin