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sync ACT with outlook - help

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sync ACT with outlook - help

I want to be able to sync my blackberry with my calendar. Does anyone know a way of syncing my ACT diary with outlook or blackberry. When i do this I get everyone's calendar not just mine, (we have 8 users on ACT)  which is obviously useless.

Thanks Jo

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Re: sync ACT with outlook - help

Doublelook from is a live sync between outlook and ACT!. It's always running in the background and any changes in either program are almost immediately sync'd to the other.


There is an option within Doublelook to sync records for all users or just one.  They offer a 14 day trial. Check it out!




Matt Pulsts
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Re: sync ACT with outlook - help

You might also have a look at the trial of Handheld Contact - because it has it's own application on the BB, activities that are created there will properly link to the contacts and calls/emails made from the device can be tracked in ACT!'s history