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swiftpage emarketing

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swiftpage emarketing

IS it possible to:

1)  send a newsletter created in Swiftpage to sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

2) put a link on my web site to the newsletter created in Swiftpage




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Re: swiftpage emarketing

Hello Chris Wuch,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


1.  Send a newletter to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter: Swiftpage emails are sent to e-mail addresses, I don't see a way to send it to these social sites.

2. Link to newletter on web site:  By creating a 'Landing Page', it will create a weblink for your template.  This link can then be added to your web site.


For more information/instructions on creating a Landing Page and abilities of Swiftpage, you can visit this web site:  Swiftpage/Act!

Greg Martin
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Re: swiftpage emarketing

I have a large database for an international company. We have emails that have apostrophes. Apostrophes are valid in email addresses as long as they are before the @ sign. Swiftpage is unable to send out to these emails. This is definitely something that should be addressed - these are valid emails for prospective clients. Please let me know how to address and escalate this issue.