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suggestions on ACT/Outlook pop3 vs Imap & organization of e-mails

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suggestions on ACT/Outlook pop3 vs Imap & organization of e-mails

I am a long time ACT user and currently use Outlook & have been using handheld contact with a Blackberry for at least 4 years now. I have my computer at work with outlook on there and it pulls my e-mails from a pop3 account. My e-mail host does not like it when I leave the e-mails on the server so I delete them right away from the server. With  the blackberry they are forwarded to the blackberry account and then picked off by the blackberry.


I finally got  tired of the crappy UI especially for internet and media on the BB so I broke down and got an android device. Unfortunately I am locked into T-Moble and have more than just a small issue changing carriers. Otherwise I probably would have bought an i-phone given the fact that handheld contact supports i-phone,  Just this week Handheld contact released a beta version for android so I am going to give it a go.


My issue is that when I am away from my desk and I am replying to e-mails etc and I get back to my desk, outlook has all these e-mails that I have to go through and delete or sort away or what ever. Furthermore my reply's do not show up in outlook unless I BCC myself so that is what I have been doing. The problem is it creates a lot of work when I get back to my office in Outlook.


I was reading about IMAP vs pop3 vs Gmail and I got to thinking. There has to be a better way to do this. How do you all do it? Who has found a way to make this work well and how do you do it?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: suggestions on ACT/Outlook pop3 vs Imap & organization of e-mails

Hi epalarnb -


Managing data is a daunting task today, especially using a BB.  Here's what I do regarding ACT and eMail.


First, I don't sync anything.  About once a month I delete all my contacts in Outlook and then import the contacts from ACT.  (I have a field that has the word "Outlook" in it.)


Second, I hve set up eMail to be iMAP instead of Pop3 for my Gmail and Charter account.  My company uses Exchange, so I also have that.


Third, I added an add-on program called eMailConnectPro.  That does a great job of managing the inbox, outbox, and deleted eMails in Outlook.


I make no effort to manage ACT and eMail from the BB.


Just a couple of thoughs to consider.  Have a great weekend.



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