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start time drop down

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start time drop down

I have my daily calendar set up in 10 minute increments. However, when scheduling an event (call, meeting, to do) the Start Time drop down is set in 30 minute time increments which makes it impossible to easily schedule events. Would appreciate any help in setting drop down to correspond to time increments used in calendar. I was able to do this in V6.
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Re: start time drop down

I have already talked to tech about this and there is not the calendar we are use to on Act 9.  You will have to type in the time.
You can type 930p or 6a and it will insert the colon for you.
I use the daily calendar and the "work week calendar" to shift appointments.  You will have to learn new habits, as usual with new versions.
Also you will find you can not move an appointment by clicking and dragging ahead or back to a day.
For the Work Week calnder right click on the side bar to the left.
Go to customize and it will open a window.
Click and drag Work Week Calendar over to the side bar (NAVbar)
When an appointment pops up you can click and drag to the open daily, week or monthly calendar.
Also the calendar in the upper right can trick you.  Watch the day and date direct above the daily calendar to know you are in the right place.