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set Act! 2006 (v8) to use IP address?

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set Act! 2006 (v8) to use IP address?

I've got a shared Act! database and I keep getting the "can't find supplemental files" error whenever a client attempts to connect to it.


The PAD file refers to the server's IP address but looking at the Database properties shows that the supplemental files are referred to by \\<servername>\Contacts-database files and I suspect that this is the issue since we don't have a WINS server running.


I know that with more recent versions of Act! that you can specify that the references are all IP-based (knowledge base tech. note 19876) but that doesn't seem to be an option here.


This was working before (our server crashed and I'm rebuilding it) but I can't figure out what we did before. Any ideas?

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Re: set Act! 2006 (v8) to use IP address?

This error usually indicates a sharing problem.  Make sure that the supplemental files folder has FULL permissions granted to it.  Also, in the main database on the server, go to Tools/Database Maintenance and make sure that "Share This Database" is checked. If it is shared, then you can unshare and reshare it.

Greig Hollister

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