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sending mass e-mails from act

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sending mass e-mails from act

I'm a financial advisor and have a weekly e-mail that I try to send to about 100 of my clients.  I'm using Act!10.  For regulatory reasons I am required to send my business emails through my broker dealer's ISP, but they use spam filters that don't allow sending emails to more than a handful of recipients at a time.  The broker dealer gets around this by putting all the addressees in the bcc field in outlook, but I don't know how to do that in ACT and I've been trying to use a template that allows me to personalize the emails.


I've been using CRMAddon's OutreachIT add on for about a year to get around this.  Its supposed to send the e-mails at a schedule that you specify, a few at a time with a certain amount of time in between.  You can specify the number of emails and the delay.  It works occaissionally, but it usually seems to trip the spam filter so that I get messages that e-mails are being rejected and then it tells me that all emails were sent successfully.  I don't want to try again because some of the e-mails may have gone out, I just don't know which ones.  I know most aren't going out because I include my own e-mail address in the mailing list and I rarely receive the email.


I've tried working with CRMAddon's support, but they're in Germany and between their system and the time difference I've never really gotten anywhere with them.


Does anyone know of a program that does what OUTReachIt is supposed to do but actually works?  I searched the forums and found recommendations for Mergemaster and Swiftpage, but it looks like they use their own servers for deliver.


Failing that, is there a way I can use a lookup to populate the bcc field instead of the to field?

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Re: sending mass e-mails from act

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Re: sending mass e-mails from act

Have you tried Northwoods Mail Merge, refer  This is the product that we recommend. Of all the add-on products that we recommend, other than our own,  this is the most reliable and  easy to use. 

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