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sending email using 2007 act by sage

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sending email using 2007 act by sage

I am using bluedomino as my email server because i already have it set up for my business. i went through the set up wizard and when i go into email, my inbox from blue domino shows up. i recieve emails but when i try to send they go to my out box and are never sent. i have sent a hundred emails and they never move out of the inbox. i have the correct smtp and pop adresses. i read in the handbook that i couldn't use html and have changed it to plain text. nothing works. at the end of the wizard i send a test email and that shows up. blue domino suggested changing my port numbers but i looked on this site and it was said that there is no option to do this. i changed them on my firewall anyway and nothing seemed to happen. i have been working on this for about a week and am at the end of my rope. if anyone can help i will name my first born after you. thanks jim
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Re: sending email using 2007 act by sage

Try this ACT! Knowledge Base article -
But, if you have Outlook, you might find it better to use Outlook for email, and tell ACT! to send via it.