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salvaging an ACT database

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salvaging an ACT database

Hi all,


New ACT user here- I've tried to look up the answer to this question in the database, but I haven't had any luck and its a kinda complex situation.


To make a long story short, here's what is going on:


1. Former employee used a company computer with ACT v. 9 on it for a couple years.  Never did any sort of back up.

2. Recently employee was let go by the company (for unrelated issues).  She said that the computer was giving her a "Blue Screen of Death".

3. I was given the computer afterwards to see what we could salvage- it appears to be working as before, it seems, but ACT was having trouble accessing the database.

4. I tried to uninstall the program, wondering if something had gotten corrupted, and this involved uninstalling SQL 2005.  I think that I removed everything (or at least I thought that I did.

5. Now when I am trying to re-install the program, it stops me with the error message "ACT! 2007 is not supported by this edition of SQL 2005" and prevents me from going any further.  I suspect that I must have corrupted something with my attempt at uninstalling SQL.

6. I am trying to back up the files that were remaining, because I suspect that I may have to re-format the computer and restart from scratch.  Since ACT no longer is running, is there any way that I can save the files and databases that the former employee was working on?  I was thinking of copying the "ACT" directory on her "My DOcuments" but I don't know if that would really do anything.


any help or advice would be sorely appreciated,


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Re: salvaging an ACT database

Formatting the computer isn't required to fix this issue, it just requires a cleanup of SQL and the ACT7 instance.  First remove all SQL components from add/remove programs.  Then follow the KB article below.


How to Manually Remove the ACT7 Instance