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restoring a database from Carbonite

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restoring a database from Carbonite

Has anyone tried to "restore" a backup database from the online backup service Carbonite?


ACT! 2010, Version 12

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Re: restoring a database from Carbonite

I seriously doubt that will work as ACT! can only restore a backup file made from within ACT!. If Carbonite backed up an actual ACT! backup (.zip), then you should be able to recover that file and then restore it.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: restoring a database from Carbonite

Saying that you "doubt it will work" is like someone saying "I think so..." when asked a direct question.  How 'bout FINDING OUT if indeed it does or doesn't; and then posting the "how to" if indeed it DOES work?  -Wouldn't a definitive answer be much more appropriate to the origial question posed that saying, "I doubt it will work".  THAT doesn't do any of us any good, mi amigo'~  ESPECIALLY SINCE you apparently work on the Sage ACT! Team in some capacity...

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Re: restoring a database from Carbonite

I think under the circumstances Greig's answer was fine.  Based on his experience he didn't think it worked and answered accordingly.  I believe the charter for the forums is for ACT! users to help other ACT! users.  The purpose isn't for Sage to provide technical support for ACT! users although there are a few Sage employees who monitor the groups and do answer questions that other ACT! users haven't answered.  They have support services you can get if you require more help.  However in this case you might still not get the answer you would like since Carbonite is a 3rd party product that they may or may not have experience with.


That being said it works.  I've restored a database using Carbonite for one of my clients.  It is actually able to back up an ACT! database while it is in use.  Backing up a SQL database while it is being used isn't easy to do and most backup software won't do it which is why Greig probably thought it couldn't be done.  Basically if the ACT! database is named "MyDB" then you would restore "MyDb.adf", MyDB.alf", "MyDb.PAD" and the directory called "MyDb-database files" along with all of the folders and files in the directory.  If you are restoring the database to a different machine then you would want to either update the PAD file with the name of the new machine or delete it and use ACT! to open the ADF file which will recreate the PAD file for you.



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