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remote data base

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remote data base

We have the 2008 version of ACT at work.  My boss has been trying to have the same version on his home computer.


2008 has been installed on his home computer.  When he backs up data from work he can't restore it at home.


This is all new to us,  does he have to create a Synch Set before he can back up to home computer,  if so,  what is a synch set and how is this done?


Also, when we spoke to ACT customer service, they said the password is not needed at home.  Please help,  totally lost with this.

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Re: remote data base

Using Backup/Restore won't allow you to use both and share the data


You need to set up sync as per:


If not using Premium, see the sections on Application Sync and maybe VPN


Make sure both systems are updated to 10.03 as that build fixes a few issues with sync

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Re: remote data base

What is the message he receives when restoring the backup file?

What versions of Act! are installed - at HOME?  at Office?

If he has a password on the database while in the office, he will need to use it when restoring the database.


If he can't restore a backup, he most likely won't be able to restore a 'Remote' database should you decide to move forward with synchronization.

Greg Martin
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Re: remote data base

It's also possible he's been trying Restore | Restore - rather than Restore | Restore_As (which is necessary to restore to a different PC)


Also, he needs to be an Admin in the database to restore it.