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record manager

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record manager

I've been fiddling around on here for a couple hours and am unable to find how to add another record manager into the system.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: record manager

In my experience, you can't ADD a Record Manager per se.


But you can CHANGE the Record Manager in several capacities.


First the CONTACT: it defaults to the User that originally created the contact. You can find that field on the Contact Access tab.

(Yoiu cannot change the Record Manager for your own contact record.)


Second, you can change who "manages" each NOTE and each HISTORY. Again, that defaults to the User that created the Note or the History record. If the Record Manager field is not showing on your Notes or History tabs, then right click, go to "Customize Columns", and add that field to your view. Then you can change who manages the record to any other user with the proper permissions.


You also might want to read "About user roles and permissions" in the HELP index because the different security levels have differing Record Manager permissions.

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Re: record manager



Adding a new record manager requires you to add a new user to the database.  Doing this will also require you to purchase an additional ACT! license.


How To Manage Users in ACT!


You just want to rename your current record manager, then follow acting now's steps.