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"last reach" and left voicemail

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"last reach" and left voicemail

When we create a history as call -left voicemail, the "last reach" field gets updated to today as well at the "last attempt" field.  Surely this ins incorrect - in fact the only other posts I've found related to this suggest that the last reach field is not updated if Left Voicemail" is selected.


1) what is the correct action?

2) Is there any way to modify the criteria, so that "last erach" is not set when we just get a voicemail?


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Re: "last reach" and left voicemail

Hello geoffaite and welcome to the ACT Community.


While I certainly understand your post, from you specific description, might I suggest that leaving a voice mail is reaching the contact?  On the other hand, did not leave voice mail is not reaching the contact. 


Using the system provided CALL and RESULT leaves a lot to be desired.  Because of this limitation, I created a new activity called " .Call" - that is dot Call.  The reason is so that I could have more result options, such as LVM or DNLVM or LVMTCMB.  I've requested to have the CALL results editable, but so far that hasn't been implemented.


Maybe you could post a suggestion in the Share Your Ideas section of the community.  Make sure to add the request for when to update last reach and last attempt fields.  I think these should be "Administrator" controlled.


Oh, I used ".Call" because it looks just like Call and after a while, it becomes 2nd nature.

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Re: "last reach" and left voicemail



I just use either the Call Attempted or Call Completed options, and ignore the Left Message option.


This is in the context of calling people with the objective of actually speaking with them.  Despite the other poster here, voice mails don't qualify as reaching someone to me. 


In my business it is safe to assume that if someone I am calling doesnt answer it will roll to voice mail, so Call Attempted basically implies I left them a message.  If it is a wonky situation, like the extension isn;t active or it rolled to a receptionist I usually make a note in the Last results field, but that is one out of a 100 calls for me.