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"custom field" in templates

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"custom field" in templates

Our office utilizes ACT2006. Does anyone know how to create a "custom field" on a template? I created an envelope template and placed fields as indicated in the Help topics. In order that all of the names fit into the areas on the envelope you have to leave too much space between the "first name" and "last name" field. You end up with: "Bob          Smith" instead of "Bob Smith" because you have to place the fields to account for "Barbera Smith".
The envelope templates provided with the program have a "custom field" where the "name" and the "city, state  zip" would be. I have looked all through the Help and can't find anything that tells you how to create or modify these fields. (the #10 envelope template prints out on 8.5x11...not on an envelope and I've tried several times to get it to print correctly and can't. When you run the print program from the provided templates, the names appear as they should so I assume you create the "custom field" by selecting fields and inserting commas spaces etc.
I have right clicked on everything in Act and not found any way to do this. Please help.
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Re: "custom field" in templates

The custom fields use a Visual Basic syntax for either an expression or a script to process data for display. A brief description is found in this document. Here is the link.
Other options you have are to edit the page margins in the envelope template so that the envelope information prints on the envelope. Another option is one I have done is to edit the actual XML code for the template to change the paper type from 8 1/2 x 11 to #10 envelope.
Roy Laudenslager
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