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"attach document" duplications

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"attach document" duplications

Can someone tell me what I did wrong?
I use an existing excel spreadsheet to track my commissions. I attached it to ACT. I realized after several updates to this document , thorugh ACT , that a copy was made and placed in another location. The original was not updated , only the copy.  It caused some initial problems in my record keeping.  What went wrong?
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Re: "attach document" duplications

Normally, when you attach a document to a record in ACT!, it copies the document to it's attachment folder and you should edit it by dbl-clicking on the attachment in ACT!
If you have ACT! 10, you have the choice of copying the file or just creating a shortcut to the file... this means that changes to the external file will show when opening it from ACT!. Obviously, this won't be sent if you are using sync or web, but should be ok otherwise
From this ACT! Knowledge Base article -
  • Added “Attach shortcut” (a pointer to a file on a mapped drive) in addition to the “Attach file” (copies the file to the ACT! database folder structure) option when attaching files to ACT! entities.

    Attach Shortcut Notes:
  • Shortcuts will sync and back up, but source files will not.
  • Shortcuts will function on remotes if source path is accessible.
    • “Attach File” is same functionality as in 9.x
    • You can “mix” attaching shortcuts and files
  • On conversion of v6.x database, user has option to
    • Convert attachments as shortcuts, or
    • Convert attachments as files (as in 9.x)