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"Who am I soppossed to call today" help!

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"Who am I soppossed to call today" help!

Hi everyone, I'm new here, and using ACT! for the first time..... so far....I'm happy.! Can someone help. I have 2 questions? first, I want to begin adding all my contacts. then make my "sales" calls. Usually, I schedule a follow up with the person in the future. Is there a way for ACT! to tell me based on dates who I should be calling today. Other than simply adding a note....In otherwords, ACT! gives me a list of "upcoming calls to return" ? Sorry if this sounds silly. I've tried looking around in these forums with no luck. The Last question is regarding Quickbooks. I know ACT! offers an add-on that allows me to see my financials right in ACT!, however, I'm just starting out, and dont need that just yet. What I'd like to know is: Can the contacts in ACT! be exported into Quickbooks (without additional software) ?? I am currently comparing Quickbooks with SAGE Simply accounting, and so far I prefer Quickbooks.... I don't want to have to re-type all the contact information over again in Quickbooks when i bill or invoice clients. thank you in advance, Tammy
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Re: "Who am I soppossed to call today" help!

Question 1.
Have a look in your Task List, you can filter this on activities to be done for the day/all future dates and check them off as you complete them.
Question 2.
I don't use QuickBooks but you can export the ACT! data to csv.  This is the most common format for import across applications so I am sure Quickbooks would bring it in.  To Export to csv. Click File -> Export and follow the wizzard (you will want to export to text file in the first screen).