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"Opportunities by referred by" report

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"Opportunities by referred by" report

Hi all,


I am hoping someone can help me out on this one. I am trying to customise the "opportunities by referred by" report but want to insert a field associated with the contact which the opportunity is attached to.


For example, I have an open opportunity "product sale x" which is linked to contact "James Jones". I speak to James regularly about the opportunity and I can see on his record when the last time was I spoke to him.


However, I want this date inserted in to the opportunity report but the only fields I seem to be able to access when trying to customise the report are those attached to "opportunities" not "contacts".


Is it possible to change the source of the data for reports?




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Re: "Opportunities by referred by" report

Not on an opportunity based report. I would need to know more about just what you want to accomplish with the report to know if the report you want is possible with the ACT! reports
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Re: "Opportunities by referred by" report

Roy is the ACT! Report Guru.


If you dont have many records to deal with, you may try using one of the User fields, located in the Opportunity Tab for your  Last Contacted Date data?


Every time I speak with a contact, I update a custom date field called: Last Contacted.

 If you discipline yourself to do that (manually update your opportunity user date field) each time you speak with a contact,

   your Opportunity Referred By  Report  CAN be modified to include that User field located on your Opportunity Tab.

The ackward part of all that is, that those user fields are defined as Character ( not Date) fields,

  so you would have to take care to enter your dates in the same date format each time   ex;  07/08/2009 


Or get Crystal Reports,

Or Call Roy,  yeh... Have a super day - Cheers -FSB



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Re: "Opportunities by referred by" report



Thanks for this! In the interim, I have changed two of the user fields in the opportunity but as you said, this is reliant upon manually updating records - difficult when you have up to 50 open opportunities at any one time!


Seems crazy that the data is being held within the contact information under "last reach" and "follow up date" but this can't be related to linked opportunities with that contact.


Someone please help! Help very much appreciated!