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"Leaking Data" ACT Premium 2013

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"Leaking Data" ACT Premium 2013

Act seems to be leaking data. We enter notes and phone numbers and then when we come back to those records later, the information is not there. We know we are putting it in there. Later, when we come back it is missing. Is anyone else having this problem? How do we fix it?

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Re: "Leaking Data" ACT Premium 2013

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Hello Gale,

1st please reference this info before posting 


Need more info such as your complete Version number, found in ACT! / Help / About.



Did you download ACT!2013 premium with Service Pakc1/hotfix3 already included in it?

and 3

if not, Have you applied most recent Service Packs/hotfixes?

Reference Download Center link 

 and 4

Is this a remote database that is being synced? or is it the Server in a network? describe your ACT! config? Nbr of remote db users?


When each user first starts up ACT!, recommend waiting at least 2 or 3 minutes before attempting any data entry.

This will give ACT! more time to get fully started


There is a act! addon that performs frequent auto-refreshes on ACT! that may help resolve issue?

  Debug info: See if clicking the SAVE button helps after you make your entries and Before leaving that freshly updated record.


For now and hereafter also recommend taking frequent ACT! Backups.

In ACT! / File/Backup / Database  into your ACT!  backup folders.. etc  also backup your Personal Files in same mannor.

Recommed my Manual way of coarse as apposed to the Automated ACT! backup process and here is how I take ACT! backups. References link 


So I will wait for your answers and see if I can help you resolve ASAP. This sort of issue should be priority. cheers - FSB

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Re: "Leaking Data" ACT Premium 2013

Bill, Thanks for the reply and for the tips about how to make my posts in this forum more effective. We are on Sage ACT! Premium 2013 Version We are on a shared internal server that multiple users sync with. I will ask the member of my team responsible for ACT to review your ideas so i can provide even more information.