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"Create Remote Database" never seems to complete

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"Create Remote Database" never seems to complete

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I am trying to create a remote database from our central database, using Act for Workgroups 8.


I go through the motions of creating the remote database (Synchronisation Panel | Create Remote Database, etc), and everything seems fine as it appears to be creating a remote database.


However, the overall progress bar works its way to the end, and then instead of saying "remote database created successfully" or suchlike, it just goes back to the last "Building the Remote Database" screen on which I had previously clicked Finish.


I thought perhaps it needed leaving for a few minutes while it finished off, but I've tried leaving it overnight (about 15 hours), and it still hadn't changed.


It never shows any kind of error message, so I've no idea what I can do to make it work.


Please help!

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Re: "Create Remote Database" never seems to complete

Couple of suggestions...


1. Check the attachments folder in the main database.  How big is it?  If you have thousands of attachments, email, etc. in there, then it's having to copy all of that.  When created the remote database, uncheck the "include attachments" checkbox and see if that fixes it.  Or, go clean out that attachments folder.


2. Do you have administrative rights to the computer hosting the central database?


I'm guessing #1 is the issue without seeing it.  Hope this helps, good luck.

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