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problems using Act 2009 (11.0) and Lotus Notes 7

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problems using Act 2009 (11.0) and Lotus Notes 7

Hi everyone,

I'm a new user and I love Act so far, except for it's compatibility with Lotus Notes 7.  At my company, we use Lotus Notes and we connect to our corporate server over the internet.  The Notes setting must always be on "Office" for my email to download (rather than "Island" or "Internet").


Long story short... my Act email does not communicate with my Lotus Notes email.  The Act email is supposed to be "using" the Notes email to send messages (and so forth), but when I create a message in Act email and send it, nothing happens.  Also, when I create a message in Notes and send it, it goes out but it doesn't show up in Act email.


When Notes is closed and I try opening Act email, the Act email doesn't respond and locks up (after it prompts me for my Notes password).  When Notes is open and working, and I try opening Act email, I get an error from Act stating there are no email systems set up on my computer!


I spoke with 2 Act technical support people and my intercompany IT dept, and nobody has any ideas.  I read somewhere else that maybe Act 2009 is only compatible with Notes 6.5?


I'm totally lost on this and out of ideas.  Many thanks in adavnce for any help!!



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Re: problems using Act 2009 (11.0) and Lotus Notes 7

ACT! 2009 is compatible with Lotus Notes 6.5, 7.0.2, and 8.0 - System Requirements


After reading over the notes from your call to support, it states that if you change the setting from 'Office' to 'Internet' the integration works properly.  Try switching it back to Internet and change your mail file location to Local if it isn't already.  Also setup replication so that the emails are stored locally.

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Re: problems using Act 2009 (11.0) and Lotus Notes 7

To whom it may concern:


I have lotus notes 8.5 and act 2010 software and I am having trouble with them working together.


I can send an email from act through Lotus notes, but I wanted to see what other capabilities we are missing.


Specifically can I drop an email from lotus notes into act and have it show up under history for that contact?


Thanks in advance for your response