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printing issue

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printing issue

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For years i could click print company member.  Now it say it is printing but never does.


Sure enough, the view had cleared enough to see the distant outline of the most famous building in the city. Moving to the window, they looked down, but still only saw blankets of white covering the streets. It would be late tomorrow before any landmarks were recognizable, and then only after a couple of hours of shoveling.
"Should we put that movie on?" Gina said as they turned away from the bland view.

"We can, if you still want to," Kellie said, moving a bit closer to Gina, close enough to slip her arm around her waist, "or we could do something more ... entertaining."

Gina reacted to Kellie's unexpected touch by not reacting, which was a lot harder to do than it might have sounded. If she'd been more honest with herself, she'd have admitted that there had been a kernel of suspicion in the back of her mind as to why Kellie had come to her rescue tonight. One that, as unlikely as it probably was, hadn't been one she'd wanted to even consider, because to do so would've forced her to ask how she felt about it. Now that it had come to the forefront, it was question she could no longer avoid. Also, with her blinders now removed, Gina also had to admit the reason for Dorothy's resentment to her, that the woman from down the hall had hoped to be where Gina now found herself.