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open multiple notes at once?

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open multiple notes at once?

Our company just started using ACT 2010 (Ver 12). I have one problem with it right now that I'm hoping to find a way around. I take several calls an hour and I need to put in a note for each call. My calls will more than often overlap so I need to be able to write different notes for different customers at once.

From what I can tell right now when I have a note open for a customer ACT will not allow me to do anything else, I can't even search for another customer while creating a note for someone different. This also happens when you try to schedule anything such as a call or meeting, but that isn't much of an issue since I will typically only do those one at a time.

I'm hoping that it's possible to be able to open several notes at once. If anyone has any advice it would be much appriciated. 




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Re: open multiple notes at once?

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Not possible with ACT out of the box.  There might be an addon to accomplish this.

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Re: open multiple notes at once?

There is a new add-on that does more with Notes, but I don't think it handles multiple contacts at once.


You can always close/save the note/history (it sounds like History might be better for you), go to the other contact, then  Lookup | Previous - to jump back to thecontact you were in earlier.