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old emails reappear in 'not attached messages'

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old emails reappear in 'not attached messages'

I have had numerous problems attaching Outlook emails into ACT!   The latest issue is that old emails keep reappearing under 'not attached messages' after I delete them from the 'attached messages' folder.  This is problematic, as each is listed several times, and the 'not attached messages' folder ends up with 60k emails!!  I'm running 11.1 and Outlook 2007 in Vista.  Any ideas?

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Re: old emails reappear in 'not attached messages'

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It is possible that the email records are not being deleted from the Act! 'History Queue' folder.  It is located at this path: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\ACT\Act for Windows 11\History Queue

You can browse to this folder and look for items with *.xml and *.msg suffixes.  Delete all that are found. 


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Greg Martin