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old database problem

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old database problem

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We had a user's computer die recently. I was able to recover data from the drive but I am having some trouble trying to restore one of their local databases to a new machine. Both machines were using the same version of ACT! and have the same OS.

I have the original .PAD, .ADF, .ALF, and the database files folder in a folder on the new machine. When I try to open the files in ACT! using the "Open Database" utility this prompt opens: "ACT! will now verify the database. The process will take several minutes."

After the prompt another box with the text "Waiting..." pops up. The process doesn't go anywhere from there.

I have restarted the machine and tried importing the .PAD and .ADF. Are there any changes I need to make to open the old database or is there a better way to handle this?

Unfortunately we don't have any backups of this database or access to the original machine, just the data from the hard drive.


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Re: old database problem

Be sure you're following these steps.
- put the ADF, ALF, and PAD file in the same directory
- delete PAD file (has no data)
- use Act! to open ADF

This process should connect to SQL and generate a new PAD file.
If not check that you're using the same or newer version of SQL as the previous system.

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