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newbie trying to update contacts!?!?!

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newbie trying to update contacts!?!?!



I want to see if this is possible. I am a new user, so please bear with me if the answer is elementary.


I am trying to update contacts based on the similar ID/Status.


I look up all contacts, filter the category (ex: all contacts w/ a blank ID/Status field), tag these, then look up selected.


My ?'s are these:


1) I thought if you tag a group, it updates each contact with the same thing. Not true?

2) Is there a way to lock up the selected lookup? Ex: When I modify the first contact, it jumps to the end of my lookup. When I work in all contacts, the contact will jump to it's appropriate alphabetized home after I update, thus losing my place.


I want the simplest way to update a cluster of contacts-whether it's manually, but rapidfire 1 after the next---or if I can learn how to set it up where it will automatically update for me.


Hope this makes sense.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: newbie trying to update contacts!?!?!

1. Tagging is temorary... you can add them to a Group manually after doing the lookup

2. It should only jump if you change the field that the lookup is by or that you've sorted it on