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new pop-up when creating a new contact when after running a Lookup

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new pop-up when creating a new contact when after running a Lookup

First couple of days on Sage ACT! Pro 2011 Version 13.0.401.0, Hot Fix 2


How I use ACt:


I enter many resumes/contacts. Before creating a new contact, I look-up for last name to make sure I'm not entering a duplicate contact.  When no duplicate, then I click on Contacts>New Contact and enter the information.  At some point of data entry a pop-up appears alerting me of the change I've made to the look-up and asks if I still want to work with the entry.  The only way to prevent this pop-up seems to be to click Lookup>All Contacts after every completed Lookup process.


Any other way to prevent the annoying pop-up?


By the way, the SSD drive is performing great but I am noticing some glitches with ACT's speed.  ACT is super-fast but sometimes seems to stall.  Next I need to figure out how to turn off/deactivate the Outlook email integration - not sure if the failure is causing the temporary slowdown in ACT..  I don't need to save the emails or date sent details of emails sent to individual contacts.  Help here to would be nice.  I saw some postings on the topic but I like a step by step instruction on how to do it.