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need guidance in grouping/categorizing people

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need guidance in grouping/categorizing people

Help!  I am writing from a non-profit organzition.  We use ACT 2008, the basic version, not premier.   I have started using GROUPS to categorize people such as a financial donor, furniture donor, volunteer, board of director, etc.


I wanted to mail to people who only had a code of furniture donor but was not able to exlude those who had another group such as financial donor etc.  I was told that the only way I could do this using GROUPS was to have the premium version.


We are not ready to upgrade to the premium version so I need some help.  Is there another way I can categorize all of these people other than using groups?  Or is there really a way to do what I mentioned above?  What about user fields?


Any advice would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance.

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Re: need guidance in grouping/categorizing people

You're on the right track and the solution has nothing to do with the version of ACT you are using.


You will need a field (multiselect) or series of check boxes to indicate the type of donor. From there you will right an advanced query which determines that they are one type of donor and not the rest. (hint if you use a multiselect dropdown your query will be a combination of "contains, does not contain" questions.


Play with it you will get it!

Brad Marquardt
realtimeACT, Inc
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