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mouse wheel on Contact List view

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mouse wheel on Contact List view

My mouse has this wheel on the top of it which I've learned can be used to scroll thru stuff.


Everything on my computer can be scrolled thru using this wonderful wheel.


-except for Contact list view in Sage Act!


It's positively Medieval that ACT doesn't allow the wheel !

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Re: mouse wheel on Contact List view

I'm unable to reproduce this issue. After highlighting a contact in the list view I am able to use the wheel for scrolling.

This could be an issue of incompatible mouse driver, or driver needs to be updated.

Greg Martin
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Re: mouse wheel on Contact List view

We have run into this at a client site as well.  It appears ACT doesn't like Microsoft Wireless mice.  Corded mice or Logitech mice appear to not have the issue.  So, it's not so much a driver issue but a lack of support for the Microsoft wireless mice.  There are some other forum posts that pretty much say the same thing.  Any corded mouse I connect works fine.

Patricia Egen
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Re: mouse wheel on Contact List view

Yup, we've had some mice (logitech) just not work. But the same mouse on another computer does (same version of windows, ACT! etc). 


It's not ACT!, it's a mouse driver or somesuch that's causing the problem.


Personally I have Microsoft Natural Wireless 7000 Series Keyboard and Mice on all my computers (the keyboard and mouse is after all my primary method of interacting with my computers) and I've not had any problems with them.

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Re: mouse wheel on Contact List view

I remember a thread like this a few years ago.  I too had problems with my Microsoft Wireless K/B and Mouse.  Moved to Logitech wireless and no problems - well my sales need to be higher, but I really can't blame the mouse. 

John Purdy
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