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missing older history- ACT 2012 PRO - import Act ver. 6 database

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missing older history- ACT 2012 PRO - import Act ver. 6 database

I have been using ACT 2000

Got a new Windows 7 PC and I just imported backup of ACT 2000 database using ACT ver 6 trail edition - used ACTDIAG - ACT Admin/Database Maintanaince to Reindex and compress database


ACT ver 6, worked great - able to verify complete database converted, no data loss at all, in addition custom contact layouts and tabs all works as before - awesome!


When importing ACT 6 to ACT 2012 PRO to new database, the import completed with no errors.


However on further inspection a few important issues come up after import....


ACT PRO 2012 seems a little unstable - intermittently "not responding" then becoming responsive again. When shutting down ACT 2012 PRO, Windows 7 msg appears that the application stopped working incorrectly.


MOST IMPORTANT, some older contact history does not display or was removed during the import- import log does indicate any data loss


in ACT 6 - can see contact history going back to before year 2000

in ACT 2012 can only see back to 2006


Also had 11 users in ACT 2000 and ACT ver 6. In ACT 2012 PRO - only get 10  

So cannot see data from the 11th user - unless I make one of the other users inactive and activate the 11th user: this is a lot of trouble ---- =(


When activating 11th user - still missing older contact history


Again, database import showed no errors

in ACT ver 6 - all contact history is displayed


over all ACT 2012 Pro import was successful -except for missing older client history


my question is :




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Re: missing older history- ACT 2012 PRO - import Act ver. 6 database

In most cases conversion go well and everything comes accross. In some cases, it's half art and half science.  Data Clean up prior to starting is important.  It's hard to tell with out seeing it, what might have gone wrong and at times it can be a bit of a special art to get it all accross. 

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