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microsoft net framwork 2.0......error

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microsoft net framwork 2.0......error

I have ACT 2006 and I am synching with a Samsung I 760 using companion link software.  Everything worked fine and I got a new computer and now I can't get my computer to synch my ACT data with my phone.  I called Companion Link and they stated that they have had this error alot lately and it is becasue my computer has the micrsoft.netframeowrk 2.0 installed on it.  Tech support said I can uninstall this program and everything will work fine but it may effect my other programs.  The other option is to upgrade to ACT 2008.
Any advice?
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Re: microsoft net framwork 2.0......error

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Upgrading is best...
ACT! 8.0 did have an issue with .Net 2.0, but it was fixes in a later 8.0 patch... why is .Net 2.0 installed on your PC?
You might try the trial of Handheld Contact from - I don't think it should have a problem.

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