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mass on scheduled calls

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mass on scheduled calls

Well, i totally messed up our companies act yesterday. I added over a lot of activities 13,041 and 1453 previously. It came when I did a schedule call for a total of 303 records by selecting them in 2 groups and using the options button in the top right corner to create an activity for each one.  well what I did not see was that it put every company I selected in the associate with box, so when I add notes it adds them to each record.


I found a fix but it is manual and painful. I go in to the activity and delete the value from the companies under associate with. It hangs the pc when I do it and takes a lot of clicks to do it. I can do about one every 2 min and I have over 280 left to do. Does anyone know how to fix this in mass?


While I am at it does anyone know how to change the color, priority, start time(to timeless) and date on multiple activities at once?


Thank you in advance for your help.


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Re: mass on scheduled calls

Mike I would suggest that without some custom programming none of the actions you are wanting to achieve can be done any easier than you are doing now.


Sorry but you better get back to updating.

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