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mass email using mail-merge - settings?

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mass email using mail-merge - settings?

Hey all.

I'm using ACT pro 2013

Windows 7 pro SP1 /  outlook 2007


OK,  when I do a mass email merge ,  email servers nowdays  BLOCK emails when they detect large numbers of emails going out  within a specified time  (its an anti-spam thing)


Anyway , my question is:   can I do a mail merge  (i have over 15k users on my mailinglist) ,  and set  numbers &/or times ... ie - can i send  to say 15k users & set  my merge to go out at a slower rate  - say   10 emails or 5 emails per per minute  or similar ?


I do currently use swiftpage  to send my bulk emails - just interested in trying this option - any suggestions out there  ?


Cheers -  Russell From MELBOURNE Smiley Happy


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Re: mass email using mail-merge - settings?

Hi Russell,


The sending of the mail merged emails is controlled by Outlook. As far as I am aware, there aren't any controls to slow down or limit the sending of a queue of emails though Outlook. You could split the contacts into groups or lookups in Act, then perform your mail merge to only those selected contacts, but then you'd have to do this multiple times for each segment of contacts.


Using an emarketing platform for these mass email campaigns is the ideal solution. Swiftpage emarketing is a good option. I'd also recommend the newer Act! emarketing which is included in the current versions of Act!

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Re: mass email using mail-merge - settings?

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Good morning Russell.


I have a 3rd party product installed called eMailConnectPro.  It has the ability to control the delivery of eMails.


There is a small drawback, though.  It will keep ACT locked up until it completes the eMail merge.


Having said that, though, I just run the eMail merge using my secondary system I use while in the field.  It can run to the side while I continue using my main system. 


I highly recommend the product for this as well as other features such as controlling how Outlook items are filed in ACT. 


Take a look at

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