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lost data when upgrading to Windows 7

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lost data when upgrading to Windows 7

I backed up my total hard drive to a so-called "ClickFree" back-up drive.

After upgrading to Windows 7, I can only find an Act file that is 6 months old.


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Re: lost data when upgrading to Windows 7

The files that make up an Act! database are:

- databasename.PAD

- databasename.ADF

- databasename.ALF

- databasename-database files (folder)


You will need to locate these files (they will all be in the same folder).  The date on the PAD file does not change, but you will see it updated on the ADF and ALF.  Since you have upgraded to Windows7, the location of these files has most likely changed.  If this is so, you will need to delete the PAD file and open the database using the ADF file.


What file(s) are you able to locate?

Did you create a backup using the Act! backup function (File > Backup > Database)?

Greg Martin