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lookup for attachments

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lookup for attachments

hi all
just a quick question
can we do a lookup to find all the attachments in the database - if so how ?.
version 10.01.199
thanks in advance
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Re: lookup for attachments

Do you want to find all contacts with attachments or just attachments??

All attached files are located in the subfolder databasename-database files folder/attachments.

To find all contacts with attachments, go to Lookup > Contact Activity menu.

Xavier Nyssen

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Re: lookup for attachments

I am wokring on a conversion project and I am stuck on attachments and where they are located / how they are stored. I know the tbl_attachment is the table it is stored in. Attachment ID, File Name, etc. I am looking for the document itself. I thought it would reside in the database table as some binary object but I can not find it.


Are the attachments stored on the box itself?


(All attached files are located in the subfolder databasename-database files folder/attachments.)


If so, how do you go about actually extracting the attachments? Do a simple loop through the tbl_attachment table and then look in the appropriate folder based on the 'filename'?