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looking up the most recently added contacts?

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looking up the most recently added contacts?

I upload a lot of new contacts daily and want to be able to get a lookup that would list the most recently added contcts to the oldest..any way to do this?
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Re: looking up the most recently added contacts?

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On the lookup menu select lookup|Other fields

in the new window in "look in this field" select "create date"

on the right, it should automatically default to "Today"


you can, of course, chanfge that criteria to suit your needs.


That'll get you the lookup of all recently added contacts. Now to display in order?


Go into the contact list view and click on options|customize columns


NOw, where it says "show as columns in this order" find the "create date" field and move it to the top

In your contact list view "create date" is now the first column.

Click on that column's header and your list is now sorted by create date



edited to clarify




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