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long backup file names

Copper Contributor
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long backup file names

We just noticed that the file names for the ACT backups changed from a reasonable name of:




to this:


ppwebact 589a7d207cb8486091424ee510edee84 2008-04-18 


The only thing we have in the 'default backup file name' field is  'ACT! 


Any ideas how to shorten it back?



Rob Sulzinger

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Re: long backup file names

Unfortunately this is now normal. I reported the long inconvenient names while I was Beta Testing ACT11 and theysaid they would report it to the programmers but nothing seems to have come from it.  Try reporting it in the request a feature forum and perhps if enough of us report it, it will get fixed.


Matt Pulsts
Your Intown Handyman
Atlanta, GA