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locked out of database

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locked out of database

HI there, I was doing a routine check and repair on the database and it said there were some errors and then locked the database.


I turned the computer off and on and off and on again and went to task manager to stop act processes and program.


I went to start 



Clicked on "databases"


.... when I clicked "database list" to access the database to click on it to unlock it, I got this message, "unhandled exception" and it gave me options to click or continue or exit. each time I pressed continue it did nothing so I cant see the database to unlock it.


How do I unlock it now?



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Re: locked out of database

Hi There,

Can you access the database within Act? Click on Tools > Database Maintenance > Lock/Unlock Database. This should then unlock the database.
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Re: locked out of database

Thanks, but I cant get into the database at all. It wont open at all. 

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Re: locked out of database

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Hi there,


is this the error message you get when you try to open the database list:



If you get this message after a repair, try I think you got your database stuck in the single user mode.

I just wrote a short step by step guide how to solve this hope this could help you if you need help with this you could send me a pm.



To Gary:

It’s when you get a "critical error" at the repair then act put your database in "single user mode" but if there is any other connection you got stuck and can´t do anything cause the single slot is already taken by something.

The solution was to lock your database before the repair.

Maybe you could add a hint at the message that you recommend to lock the database before you continue the repair in single user mode.




Best Regards,



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Re: locked out of database

You might want to try this KB...



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