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initial caps field format

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initial caps field format

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I am using act premium for real estate ver. 11 1.0

Having trouble with field formatting.


I imported via .txt formatted excel a list of names and addresses and data from my local MLS.

The text fields (contact name, street name etc) were mixed caps lower case and initial caps.

I am trying to clean them up to initial caps.


For some reason I cannot change the desired field to “initial caps”


I change the field properties, close and reopen the db and it stays mixed.


However, if I change the properties to all lower case, all the field contents change properly, but I cannot get them to change to Initial Caps.


If I change Address 2 field to upper case, works ok


If I change Address 2 field to lower case, works ok


If I change Address 2 field to character, it reverts to the original formatting, mixed lower, initial caps and all caps.

Any suggestions?



added 10 min later: I see that if i have the "contact" first /last name sorting box active and make a correction / then the address field updates to initial caps.

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Re: initial caps field format

Have you done much with the contacts?  e.g. Notes/Activities/History/etc...  If not, what I'd do (if you still have the Excel file) is delete all the imported contacts (use Create Date to find them), go back to the original Excel file, fix everything there (Excel has text functions that will do that for you), and re-import the contacts.  You will spend more time trying to fix the errors one-by-one than just starting over.  Hope this helps, email me if you need help with Excel...




Richard Brust
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