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import excel in notes

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import excel in notes

Is there any solution to import excel data in Notes in ACT.
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Re: import excel in notes

We can develop a custom solution for you if you can't find an answer anywhere else.  Take a look at our website at
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Re: import excel in notes

There are several addons allowing importing data into ACT! notes. 
For ACT! 2005+ consider
For ACT! 3.0-6.0 consider
All of these programs require linking data in the contact field and notes data.
Good Luck!
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Re: import excel in notes

Hi Remi,
You can import csv and delimited files into the Notes section.
  1. Save your xls file as a csv file
  2. Begin the import wizard as normal in ACT!
  3. In the field mapping area map the field you want to Select "Add to ACT! Note"

The thing to remember you can only map a single field to the Notes section per import.



Vivek Gargav
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Re: import excel in notes

anyone ever done an import from csv, NOT mapped any field to the Act notes, but gotten a blank note entry for EVERY sinlgle contact after the import?  other than that, the import went fine...over 3000 contacts...


Act 2007 9 Premium for workgroup btw.



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Re: import excel in notes

Yes, Mine did that as well. I tried a second time and selected to have notes mapped to add to act! notes but nothing happened.  any idea how to fix this?
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Re: import excel in notes

Yes, problem solved, with about 2 hours spent on the phone with support, we eventually figured it out...


-restore a backup of your database, BEFORE you loaded the .CSV and gottten the phantom note per every contact.

-now, importantly, you need to actually walk over to the server your database actually resides on and do the next few steps.  DO NOT do it from a workstation that is connecting to the database across the network!

-on the server, go to Tools, Database Maintenance, Check and Repair.  Let this do its thing.

-now, right after the check and repair, make sure the .CSV file you want to import is on the server somewhere, and import as normal.  Again, I highlight that everything is local on the server machine, the Act database, as well as the .CSV file.

-for me, when the import was done, I had no problems!


 Hope that helps!