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iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch?

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Country: Canada

iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch?

Does anyone have any experience using the iPhone 4 or the Blackberry Torch with Handheld Contact?


I will be upgrading my phone and I am wondering which phone would be the best to synchronize ACT 2011 with?



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Re: iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch?

I personally prefer the Blackberry for reasons mentioned here:

While that's iPhone 3 and an older Blackberry, most is still relevant... I intend to update it when I can get hold of an iPhone4 (very few shipped here in Australia) and a Torch (not available here yet)


The iPhone is easier to set up and get the basics, but the Blackberry is more secure, faster, longer battery and much better if doing lots of communitations (email, twitter, etc)


To sync either, I'd recommend Handheld Contact as per: