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how to merge two act databses

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how to merge two act databses

hi i am new to this software. i have two machines installed with act and these machines are miles apart (in two offices). wat i want is; i want to have my database saved in a folder and the other machines database saved in a folder in that machine (now this is how it is working). i want to check my customers details in the other machine at times. so currently phone the other office and check with them. is it possible for me to merge my database with the other offices database and vice versa so that i can directly click on a file to view my customers as well as the other office customers details? i am sorry if i have put this question complicated. i just want to avoid the phone calls and access the other machine files with ease. also they want to access my files the same way so that they dont need to call me.
thanks in advance.
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Re: how to merge two act databses

Hi there.


Strictly speaking I dont think you want to 'merge'. If what you are saying is you have a database at one place and want to access it from another i think what you need to setup is either sharing or synchronisation. I'll take a stab at synchronisation as you said you'll be out of the office (not on the same network). Take a look a this article on the knowledgebase 


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