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how to improve my 2009 speed??

Tuned Listener
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Country: USA

how to improve my 2009 speed??

I have the following:

Dell Vostro 1400

intel core 2 duo cpu

1.8 ghz

3.49 gb ram

seagate harddrive 200 gb w 7200 rpm

running ACT 2009 (11.1.183)


I still do not get the response I would expect from act 2009.  I have about 1200 contacts and things do not move as smoothly as I would expect.


I have looked throgh the forum and not sure what else to check.  I feel like I have spent enough money (new laptop, more ram, faster harddrive, etc) on trying to get 2009 to move like 2000.


Any thought would be greatly appreciated.


Nickel Elite Contributor
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Country: USA

Re: how to improve my 2009 speed??

Russell -


Although your processor speed is on the border as to the required specs, the memory is great, and once ACT! is up and running, I've found that the processor speed is not as important as memory.


Now, a couple questions -

  - what do you mean "move as smoothly", and

  - what else might be running that is affecting (effecting?) ACT!  e.g. in Task Manager, is anything else sucking up processor crunching, or hogging the memory?


I've found that the ACT-Outlook integration can cause havoc occassionally, but there are probably a few more ideas as well.  Thanks...

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant