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how to duplicate contact layout on second computer

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how to duplicate contact layout on second computer

I am running Act for Financial Professionals, ver 12, 2010, on a desktop and a laptop with a remote database.  I've several changes on the desktop to the contact page such as drop down list changes, changed the buttons on the lower left side, etc. 

How do I copy or transfer those changes to my laptop so I have the same setup on both computers?

Thanks in advance for any help.  I'm new here and have only had Act for a few months so still figuring it out.


One other item, in the Important Note field, anything I type doesn't wrap within the box but stays on the same first line and goes out of view.  How can I change it to wrap within the box?

Thanks again

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Re: how to duplicate contact layout on second computer

Hello GDP,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


Since you have a remote database, the changes that you make to the main database (drop down list) should populate to the remote when you synchronize.  If you are adding custom buttons to the toolbar or changing the left hand icons - those changes will not automatically sync to the remote/host, they will need to be done manually on the other machine.  If you have updated your Layout and saved it to a new name, it should sync to the remote - but you will have to select it using the Layout selection field (bottom left hand corner).


Only a field designated as a 'Memo' type when created will have the ability to word wrap.  The 'Important Note' field (field name is 'NOTES') by default is a  'Memo' field, this may have been changed to a 'character' type.  You can check the field type by looking at Tools > Define Fields > select Contacts fields > locate Notes in the list and look at the 'Type' column.


A 'Character' field can be changed (double click on field name and edit field definitions) to a Memo type field, but I would recommend that you create a new field as a Memo field and add it to the layout.


Here is an article with more information about defining fields: KB Article 15335




Greg Martin