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help on organizing

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help on organizing

I was able to get my database downlowded in ACT! after numerous tries. I'm just curious if I am doing this correct or not. I have over 18000 contacts loaded under contacts. These will all be cold calls. SO my question is where and how I should move the contacts once they are a customer and where I should move them if I think they are a potential customer but still havnt sealed the deal yet. Thanks in advanced!

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Re: help on organizing

There's really no 'moving' the contacts per se, but you can 'move' their membership from one group to another simply by changing the value in the ID/Status field.


I would utilize the ID/Status field:

1st, create 3 Groups with Dynamic Membership based on the value in the ID/Status field for Lead, Prospect and Customer

2nd, change the ID/Status field of all 18,000 contacts to "Lead" using Edit, Replace

Next, as you phone them, change the ID/Status value from "Lead" to "Prospect' or "Customer" based on the outcome of the call,

You might also add another value of "Dead' or similar, and a group, to know which contacts are not worth pursuing. You could even delete the 'dead' contacts but that's individual preference.



Under Help, Feature Tours, there's a 7+ minute video on "Groups" that I recommend you watch to fill in the details.