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having multiple email recipients when using outlook in act

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having multiple email recipients when using outlook in act

When writing an email to multiple recipients in Act 2009 linked to Outlook, from Act I first write an email to the initial recipient. Then to add a recipient I select the "To" button in the Outlook email and that brings me to the name search window which is linked to the Act database. I find that instead of being able to simply type in the last name of the recipient, I now have to type in the full name including Mr. or Ms. in order to sort through the name choices in my Act database. So I now have to type in Mr. John Smith and then the search window will take me to John Smith and I can select that and add him to the recipient list of the email. I imagine this is happening because Outlook is reading the Act database contact info literally and it is first reading the Mr. or Ms. and so has to be told the full name including the Mr. and Ms. Act's email system did not need to be told if its Mr. or Ms. and permitted you to search first by last name. Is there a way to set the search functionality so you can just search by last name the way that Act's own email system used to work?
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Re: having multiple email recipients when using outlook in act

The other way to do this is to select the contacts from the contacts list (ie tag them) and then use write email and it will create and email with them all listed in the To box in Outlook. You can then simply move the CC ones to the CC box once in Outlook.


I think you will find the searh box for the address book is not changeable so better to find another way

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